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Loving Ferrets
04-21-2006, 02:55 PM
The Ferret Ten Commandments
Author Unknown
1. Thou shalt covet all corners. Thou shalt not use kitty litter, for it is a heathen CAT thing, and thusly, thou shalt scatter the heathen thing everywhere.
2. Thou shalt bite thy brethren. Thou shalt lick thy humans, except that thou shalt slip in the occasional nip to ensure that they donít become complacent.
3. Thou shalt revere milk and ice cream above all things, except for Linatone, which is heaven sent.
4. Thou shalt despise anything that is labeled "For Ferrets".
5. Thou shalt climb everything in sight and take the good stuff.
6. When placed in a cage, or locked in or out of a room, thou shalt beat loudly upon the door in violent protest.
7. Thou shalt lurk and seek every opportunity.
8. Thou shalt love and honor shoes, socks, and above all else, toes.
9. Thou shalt expose the roots of all plants. Let none escape your wrath.
10. Thou shalt hide from sight those things most coveted by humans, that they never more see the light of day.